I really enjoy doing video work. I have a good feel for timing and animation, and this makes for good video.

Back in the early 2000s, I studied digital compositing and video animation for a while. I ended up not pursuing it, but I did make a few videos then for learning purposes, which you can see in the "Personal" section here.

Then a few years ago, we started using video at Cataphora for both public consumption as well as for demos for potential clients who didn't have the ability to run demo software on-site. The public videos were for marketing use, and were typically featured on our public site. I use Adobe After Effects for all my video work.

So that you avoid downloading all the videos at once in one slideshow, I have separated them out into their respective areas above. Now let's get the show started!

Attention desktop user: For your convenience, you can use your left and right arrow keys to move back and forth between slides.