Logos and Design

I have done a lot of both of these things over the years, and therefore it's the largest parent category here in the portfolio.

An area of design that I especially thrive at is contained in the "presentation" arena (creating Power Point slide art and other presentation collateral), but I can't show you a lot of that, unfortunately. I did find some generic pieces, however, that I am proud of and that can be viewed publicly.

As I mentioned in the main introduction, a lot of this is for me as well as you. I'm certainly not trying to impress you with some of these (specifically in the "Miscellaneous" category), but I enjoy seeing them to this day, and having this as a professional time capsule is very important to me.

So take a look around and please enjoy!

Attention desktop user: For your convenience, you can use your left and right arrow keys to move back and forth between slides.